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加拿大期中考试termpaper:Critically discuss the extent to which posi

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批判性地讨论积极情绪对人的有益和/或有害影响的程度?指出你日常生活中的三个方面,积极的情绪可能会产生有益和/或有害的影响。这三个方面如何影响你的整体心理健康? Critically discus


Critically discuss the extent to which positive emotions can be said to have beneficial and/or harmful effects on people? Pinpoint three areas in your daily life that positive emotions can have beneficial and/or harmful effect. How do these three areas impact your overall psychological health?
Positive emotion has positive valence. Positive emotion is positive and positive. Many researchers have given a specific description or definition to positive emotions, "positive emotions are the kind of good feelings you get when things go well and you want to smile." "Positive emotions are a unique instant response to something meaningful to the individual, a temporary pleasure." It is believed that "positive emotion is associated with the satisfaction of a certain need, usually accompanied by the subjective experience of pleasure, and can enhance the person's enthusiasm and activity ability". The cognitive theory of emotion is that "positive emotion is the feeling of making progress in the process of goal achievement or receiving positive evaluation from others". From the perspective of discrete emotion theory, positive emotions include joy, happy, contentment, interest, pride, gratitude and love. Happiness is when the situation is evaluated as safe and familiar, or the event is understood as the personal goal to achieve progress and the realization of the emotional feelings; Satisfaction refers to the feeling caused by the acceptance and care of others. If the situation is evaluated as safe, highly determined and low-paying, it will lead to satisfaction. Interest is when the individual skills of consciousness and environmental challenge match perception of pleasure and close feeling, when the situation is the evaluation for safe, novel and change, mysterious, and a feeling of difficulty will cause interest; Pride is a positive experience when a goal is successfully achieved or evaluated as a success. Therefore, in a nutshell, positive emotions are positive emotions, which are the emotions that arise when individuals are stimulated by external stimuli or events that meet individual needs.
The three areas are discussed as Positive emotions can improve subjective well-being, positive emotional expression can promote mental health and positive emotions are good for recovery.
弗雷德里克森积极情绪扩展与建构理论也认为积极情绪可以构建个人资源,包括物质资源(如技能、健康)、智力资源(知识、心智理论和执行控制)、人力资源(友谊、社会支持、人际关系等)。网络)和心理资源(心理弹性、乐观、创造性)。这些资源包括个人内部的资源,如增强的精神和身体弹性,以及个人资源,如增强的社会联系,有助于积极参与。积极情绪能构建个体心理资源,为个体的社会适应提供更有利的条件,提高个体的社会适应能力。此外,积极应对社会事件,为个人争取更广泛的社会资源创造条件,为密切的社会关系创造条件。从个体发展的角度来看,积极的情绪对个体的健康成长也非常重要。在积极的情绪状态下,年轻人经历了更多的游戏和探索,个体资源的自然增长是可持续的。从进化论的角度看,积极情绪的博弈和探索提高了青年人应对周围环境的能力,提高了青年人的生存机会。Fredrickson positive emotions extension and construction theory also think positive emotions can build individual resource, including physical resources (such as skills, health), intellectual resources (knowledge, theory of mind and executive control), human resources (friendship, social support networks) and psychological resources (psychological resilience, optimistic, creative). These resources include resources within the individual, such as enhanced mental and physical resilience, and individual resources, such as enhanced social connections, which are conducive to active participation. The positive emotion can construct the individual psychological resources, and prepares the more favorable conditions for the individual's social adaptation to improve the individual's social adaptability. In addition, it creates conditions for individuals to strive for more extensive social resources and create conditions for close social ties by actively coping with social events. From the perspective of individual development, positive emotion is also very important for the healthy growth of individuals. In the state of positive emotions, young people experience more games and explore, and the natural growth of individual resources is sustainable. From the perspective of evolution, the game and exploration of positive emotions increase the ability of young individuals to cope with the surrounding environment and improve the chances of survival of young individuals.
Positive emotions, generally considered to be not accompanied by specific action trends, are only accompanied by general activation, such as pleasure and pleasure accompanied by aimless activation; Interest and pay attention to the orientation, individual interest caused a hope to study and explore or involved in feelings and by integrating new information to the self and gain new experiences for the object and others; Satisfaction is associated with a relaxed state. Despite the positive emotion is not associated with a particular action trend, do not have the concrete action, but the positive emotions can produce a kind of common action to activate, is close to or bias, the continuity of the positive emotions can promote activities. In positive mood state, individuals keep reaching and explore new things, keep active connections with the environment. 
Positive emotions promote physical health mainly because positive emotions can improve people's immune system function, which is mainly reflected in the study of subjective well-being and laughter and humor (Szczygieł, & Mikolajczak, 2017). Numerous studies have shown that people experience of subjective well-being can affect the person's immune system to influence people's health, compared with those who lack of subjective well-being, a subjective well-being experience more people, the immune system work more effectively, more can ensure people's health. About laughter and humor research shows that laughter can increase a person's positive emotions and increase the improvement of immune system function, and, more importantly, the improvement of the immune system function is through positive emotions to regulate the subjective experience, especially for the old man. This suggests that the positive emotions generated by this behavior can promote health. Humor associated with laughter is more often seen as a cognitive structure. People often use humor to cope with the stresses of life, and people who use humor to cope with stress are more likely to have a positive mood. In addition, foreign a lot about the nun's research shows that positive emotions is conducive to longevity, the study found that people with positive emotional experience.
Positive emotions to cancel the effect not only on the cancellation of the physical arousal, at the same time also on negative emotions caused by the narrow thinking activity sequence is revoked, the thinking activity sequence recovered to normal level, can relieve tension caused by negative emotions. Although the research of this aspect is not directly support, but research shows that individuals with higher leels of subjective report positive emotions showed a more flexible and more constructive ways to cope with the situation, show the more abstract and more sustainable level of thinking. The study also showed that participants who participated in the humor intervention were compared with the control group and reported significantly lower levels of anxiety and depression.
Positive emotions expanded the psychological activity space, expanded the individual moment thinking activity sequence, and the expansion of the psychological activity space to increase the individual was a meaningful event for sex, which increases the chance to experience positive emotions and possibilities. Positive emotional experience not only promoted the challenge to alleviate the negative emotions, and the repeated experience positive emotions, increase the elasticity of individual psychological, improve the quality of the social relations, to enhance the subjective well-being of the individual. "Emotional experience sampling method" is used to study also suggests that report positive emotions in daily life or mood is higher than that of negative emotion or state of mind of individuals with higher mental flexibility, more dynamic, live more happiness.

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